First Look: Nikola ZERO 500+ HP Electric UTV

First Look: Nikola ZERO 500+ HP Electric UTV

The first ever production ready electric powered UTV to hit the market. With zero emissions, but dozens of options! Options that range from 100-200 miles on a charge, 300HP – 500HP and up to 476 ft. lbs. of torque, you won’t be lacking in any situation. This thing is a monster with features and options like; IP67 water resistant up to 3 meters deep, 0-60 MPH in less than 3 seconds, 4×4 all the time, on the fly torque control for each wheel, 100% torque through entire pedal position, winches on the front and the rear, 2x the payload of any other UTV, 2X the towing capacity, 2x the stopping power of any other UTV, 32″ beadlock tires, rear steering, on board air compressor system, 14.5″ ground clearance, and 20″ of travel on the front and the rear suspension. It is finally here, the Nikola Zero UTV. Reserve yours starting at 32K here at:







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