Muzzys Performance Purple Haze 1132cc Big Bore

Muzzys Performance Purple Haze 1132cc Big Bore

If you do business in the UTV Industry it goes without saying that you need a shop car.  Prior to the release of the XP Turbo, Muzzys Performance began working on a fire breather of their own centered around their big 1132cc big bore engine kit.

We had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of this beast on a number of occasions, one being Dunefest in Oregon and the other at the UTV Invasion in St Anthony Idaho.  Sadly Muzzys Performance announced earlier this year that they would be closing their doors.  It’s always sad to see companies close up shop but particularly because Muzzys offered some amazing products and had some great people on their team.  We’re thankful to have had the opportunity to get to know them and will always have a tremendous respect for their quality of work.

Check out some photos of Dave Kuskie with Fullerton Sand Sports ripping Purple Haze around the Oregon Dunes.  You can read a couple of articles on the machine at UTV and

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